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They’re back! Laptop club is in it’s element on an train that to be honest is sooo full, I can’t really understand how there’s enough room for everyone to exist on it. This particular member of the club who’s sitting next to me has taken it upon herself to make some sort of strange table in MS-Word. I’m not sure why… Or even what it means… But let’s keep an eye on it while were listening to the chattering classes. For now you can be safe on the knowledge that position 1 is LNB/PC… That’s good to know. I feel safer already.

“Oh really? Good God no! I mean I’d never dream of such a thing”

“We have a new project manager who just makes spreadsheets and does as little as possible. He’s just an idiot”

Nice use of Aerial font there. Much better that the Comic Sans it started of as. Comic Sans!? I ask you.

“is she?” rustle rustle of newspapers and food wrappers “But I only saw her leg”

“I can’t bear the word spreadsheet anymore. Why should we do it? Can you hear me? Hello?”

The nerd from last week is standing and reading his kindle. And then there’s the bloke with the insane headphones. They are massive! To the untrained eye he looks like a Dom Jolly sketch! Any minute now he’s going to shout at the bloke next to him “CAN YOU TURN YOUR IPOD DOWN A BIT PLEASE MATE! I’M TRYING TO LISTEN TO WHALE MUSIC HERE!!!!” He seems to have lost his decks.

A chinaman (sorry Asian-American is the correct nomenclature. Thanks Walter) is reading a Chinese book. I’d like to have been able to do that, but culturally it is so different from our scribbling that I doubt I have enough years left in me to be able to master it. I’d have a go and i would have had a chance if I’d started from birth, but that was a while ago.

This table is coming along nicely if a bit slowly. I don’t think her heart is in it to be honest.

Angry Birds…. Apparently that can entertain a bankers mind for hours at a time. He can’t seem to look away.

“Hello how you doing? How’s sainsburys? What isle? Are you gonna be done by the time I get there?”

“Hello it’s me. I’ve got to get some diesel on the way home. Do you need anything else?”

“Prawns or Steak?”

This table is all about LNB and PC…. I’m loosing all interest and the will to live, much like it’s creator I suspect.

This is probably the last time I’ll be doing this for a while. I have no reason to be back in the city at the moment and next week will see me heading north to help out the Badman with his notty problem.

I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. A change from the norm. Out in the big wide world again. It makes you realise how up to the job (or otherwise) you really are. There’s no room for self analysis when people are analysing you all day long already. Apparently, I’m up to it. Just in case you were wondering.

The wider world of Starfleet is in much better condition than the walled off garden that I’ve been pottering about in for so long. In fact, having escaped from the vegetable patch, the potting shed is a fascinating place to be for a potato. God alone knows what it must be like in the big house!? A veritable palace full of oranges, apples and bananas and no mistake.

Today’s other activities meant I had to help out a seed that arrived. He’s been fed and watered and should be ready for harvest in a few months. The problem with that is he’s only here temporarily and so is unlikely to ever win “best in show”. Between us girls (as scobi – another potato – likes to say) I think there might be quite a few more seeds before to long. Would be nice if they bore fruit. Peas at best for now.

I caught up with Stretch today as well. I’m sure he’ll be fine, as long as they don’t mold him. He’s a top bloke really and seems to be happy in the patch for a while yet. But then he’s in with tomatoes. Canes and glass doncha know. It’s the cabbages, carrots and sprouts that suffer, without whom we’d all starve. …. Well, maybe not the sprouts. Although they’re very good when they’re fried.

The table has got to item 14 now. She’s fed up with it. Huffing and puffing but soldiering on. I think it’s banking sector related but I’m not bothered with it anymore.

With that it’s time to wish the big bad city good bye and good night. It’s been a blast and I’ll be back again. But for now I need the fresh air and open spaces again.

Next time I’ll be making more ‘me’ time and catching up with some of the old gang if they’re still around. When Carlisle place was hip and happening.


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Today finds me getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to my just-about-nearest Starfleet base. This act in itself is a blessed relief but only because it forces me to do absolutely nothing but listen to the radio for two hours (one there and one on the way back).

And the subject of this audio delight – pod-casts! Scobi rattles on about them, presumably because his time management skills are so awful 😉 but for the most part I’m usually up to date with mine. So in the last week I’ve made a point of not listening, just so that I can have the pleasure of their company on the journey in this morning. This however, leads me to another point – connecting your iPod/iPhone to your in-car audio.

TomTom Ipod Touch Car Kit - GPS receiver module for Apple Ipod Itouch ***WILL NOT WORK ON IPHONEWhile I was up in Scotland I picked up an official TomTom cradle from the Apple store. This was in the heady days before the existence of the controversial iPhone 4. That cradle is specifically designed for the 3GS and so I was concerned that the 4 wouldn’t fit and or work, and in fact initially it didn’t. Until I figured out that there’s a small pressure switch just behind the doc connector where the phone sits. This switch is pushed in by the phone itself once it’s in the cradle. With the 4 being square-er it doesn’t push the button. The answer is a small piece of sticky backed Velcro (the soft half, not the rough half) stuck on top of the switch on the cradle. This pads out the switch to be just thick enough for the phone to push it into the correct position et voila!!

With that sorted I could enjoy and audio filled journey through the shire’s to the Starfleet base.

Stretch, one of my colleagues, has been taking time to visit as many Starfleet bases as possible it would seem – clearly he’s not busy enough 😉 but I have pointed out that in “FourSquare” terms that would make him the Mayor of Starfleet. If you haven’t looked at FourSquare – take a peek. I keep reading that it’s the next big thing in the dreaded “social networking”, but I’m not wholly convinced just yet. It’s interesting at the moment, but I don’t believe that everyone wants you to know where they are at any given moment in time.

Now I’ve got far too much work on my plate now that I’ve arrived. So I better try and get on with. Have fun.

All is well on the domestic front. Our wedding anniversary is just round the corner, so preparations are afoot for a surprise, although energy levels are low due to a combination of rubbish work all day and too much broken sleep.

Pleased to say that part 2 of the ‘The Silence’ has not disappointed. Later in the year we also have ‘The Deep’ and ‘Sherlock’ (Martin Freeman -From ‘The Office’- as Watson ought to be a laugh) to look forward to. The BBC are one of the all round best broadcasters in the World and as a nation we should rightly be very proud of their consistently high quality output. Easily worth the licence fee – unless it’s Chris Moyles. Just to prove the point, this morning sees the launch of the new BBC News website ( and damn good it is to. They’ve finally ditched the lefthand list/menu in favour of a ‘top of the page’ horizontal menu. I haven’t seen it on an iPad yet, but I bet it looks great now it’s less cluttered and open.

That’s my thoughts on the BBC and what a great gift to the nation it is, even if we do have to pay for it. And on the subject of gifts, my days are exactly (well almost) like this, which is in part why I shall be visiting a Starfleet/Dante location on Thursday (I might feel inspired by some of the other inmates and feel better about the whole place but I’m not holding my breath mind you). So with them in mind, I’ve found some ‘gifts’** for my Starfleet/Dante colleagues. Without further ado, this is for them:

Let’s start the day with something special for the Badman (who I’m hoping to catch up with in person on Thursday). Maple Bacon Coffee. We know how much he loves meat – especially in the form of pig (preferably mashed up and stuffed into either Hog or Sheep casings – not that I know the first thing about sausage making), and how much he loves coffee, so this must be simply perfection in his eyes. Either that or just disgusting. You can buy it here. Crazy stuff.

Just nipping back to the 80’s for Scobi – who has a love of music, albeit not necessarily Gary Numan (who’s still as moody as ever) and a car battery:

Next up, Stretch. Those of you that have read his blog will know that he’s about to become a father again (Congratulations in order for Mrs Stretch). Those of us that work with him will know how tight that makes the purse strings, so with that in mind this gift is more for his future child (or even his existing one of he feels that way inclined). Either way I’m sure he’ll enjoy the sentiment – to be taken with a tongue firmly planted in a cheek. You can buy one here.

On to The Gorse Fox and a much trickier one to select for. Of course we’re aware of his morbid fear of the demon that is electrikery, but it would be too simple to point him at Dr. Zap, or even an appropriate T-Shirt like Stretch. But no. The perfect gift for the man who’s suited and booted at a client meeting and in need of a bottle opener, screwdriver (philips or otherwise), thread cutter or a keyring…. The Exuvius Multi-Tool Titanium Collar stays – perfect.

….and Finally, he’s not a blogger (yet) but he’s spent time in the Southern Hemisphere and so for that reason alone, here’s a Vuvuzela for the man with the compass set to left. Hope to see Mr Left, Badman and Stretch on Thursday. Pretty sure that’s him on the left, and could be a Badman on the right…. Judge for yourself…

If I’ve missed you out, drop me an email at the contact link.
Hope that’s brightened your day.

*URL’s are hosted on servers not in my control and as such can be up as well as down.
**Gifts will not actually be delivered, if you want one, get it yourself.
*** Your home is at risk if you don’t keep up with the Jones’ (apparently) – who knew!?

Any idea what that could be? Worse than shutting your fingers in a car door?? From very very painful experience today, paying for your car’s MOT and Service. Ouch that hurt. 450 quid. Now, I really shouldn’t be complaining about though. If I had a company car, I wouldn’t have to pay for that, but then I’d also be paying 3 or 4k per year in tax. This year, my car has cost me £600 in total. It’s really not bad at all. Just stings a bit at the time.

On to more intriguing things. Good to see someone actually challenging the Digital Economy Bill. I seem to recall our now deputy prime minister insisting that this particular bill will be repealed should he be elected to office. Well, there he sits, and the bill still stands. There’s work to be done here still, SO WHY ISN”T IT BEING DONE!!!??!!?…. and relax….

…and on the subject of Digital Britain, you may recall I mentioned the BBC story regarding the government building iPhone apps. Now I’ve read this: and I think it needs a re-visit. To be clear, I’m all for government cuts AND I’m all for the government making GOOD use of technology for us. But that’s the key. It has to be a sensible requirement, no matter how well off we are as a country. I can see where the guy’s coming from, but we as a nation are undergoing an unprecedented change in the way we both perceive and use the public purse. Moat Cleaning, Duck Houses, Nursing, Teaching, Firefighting, Policing, in fact anything that our Tax pounds (we are British afterall) goes anywhere near, including iPhone apps are all fair game right now.

Nice to note that the Bank of England are holiding the base interest rate at 0.5% still. They’re waiting for my mortgage renewal to come around and then it will skyrocket the month before it’s due.

I see Youtube has been updating itself. OK, not itself, but the team at YouTube have been writing new interfaces. Two infact and all based around HTML5, meaning no more flash!! WooHoo!!. There’s a new mobile version designed for everyone’s mobile phone, which you can see here: and then there’s a sodding great TV sized version called “Lean Back” which you can have a look at here: Excellent work by the video googler’s I think.

..and while we’re YouTubing (I’m sure that’s a real word), the amazing Rainbow has been reworked yet again. The human race really are an inventive bunch (either that or the devil makes work for idle hands). Anyway, I know you’ve seen the original back here, but this one really is the baddest f**king rainbow I’ve ever seen.

Now for a quick update on the 8-bit Tie that I’d suggested for the recluse that is Scobi. The Tie was a good start, but now someone’s gone one better and made an entire suit. 8-bit Gary has to be what the smart geek about town should be wearing this summer.

Do you remember RickRolling?? That’s that thing where someone sends you a link online to something, and it turns out to be Rick Astley singing “Never Gonna Give You Up”. It was all the rage amongst Internet pranksters for a little while, but now it has officially been declared over. Here’s the evidence that it’s dead….

Don’t mess with the cat. Ta-Ra!!

Last week in conversation with Scobi the subject of “Work Clothing” came up. The tie is seen as some bizarre sort of power dressing and for my money is a waste of time. I’m sure I’ve read research somewhere that confirms wearing a tie stunts your creative thinking – but I might be wrong. Anyway – Scobi clearly needs one of these pillow ties, although in our line of work, I actually think that an 8-bit tie would be far more appropriate.

iPhone 4 pricing plans still aren’t fully available – god only knows why – but Orange have officially announced theirs, Vodafone’s has been leaked (so is probably wrong) and O2, who started off last week with a daily email update, have gone strangely quiet on the whole subject. Something has obviously gone horribly wrong for the providers compounded by apple’s inability to cope with the demand for its new baby. If you don’t have one pre-ordered, then July is the earliest you’ll get one – unless the providers have some stock we’re not ware of – and I would expect that to be the case. It’ll still be first come first served though, so you can still expect to see queues on launch day.

Here’s what we know so far (click it to make it bigger):

Unless O2 come up with something interesting, Orange looks like a really decent package at £35 per month and £120 up front. I could quite easily be saying bye bye O2, especially when you factor in Orange Wednesdays!! and if you don’t know what it’s about – you really should click here

Friday was as Friday is. Work, work, work, although I think I’m finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. One largest piece left and just pick up a new smallish one. Of course the one’s I’ve done will be nothing but trouble for a while. We have all these processes to make things run smoothly and they never (and I do mean never) ever do. Such is the way of Starfleet. Swan like to our customers.

On the plus side, a good colleague (I’d say friend but we, as yet, have not had the oppertunity to socialise outside of Starfleet). Is that what makes a colleague a friend?? – you know I don’t think it is. So as I was saying before I so rudely interupted myself – a good friend of mine at Starfleet has suggested he knows of someone who may be a source of reasonably priced (ie: US priced) iPads. I think we know where this is going. Mrs G’s laptop may very well be appearing on eBay in the coming weeks. Time will tell.

Now Saturday has arrived and the kids will be back this afternoon. Mrs G and I are going to take a walk to the city to do a few ‘bits & bobs’. I’ve persuaded (well told) her that an iPhone 4 will solve her phone rage. Scobi intrigued me with his tale of an Android he’s bought for Mrs Scobi, but as we’re an Apple household now (barring Mrs G’s and Daughters laptops) the choice is as clear as a retina display (see what I did there?). So a visit to the O2 shop is in order. I’ve pre registered for micro-Sims, but I want to talk to them about the recycle option, and most importantly the cashback which I’ll be wanting to offset against buying out the remaining contract. I don’t think I can officially pre-order until next week though.

There’s also father’s day just around the corner. Mater G has suggested Pater G would like gardening vouchers – which Sister G has agreed to. This is all fine and dandy but I’ve also caught sight of something in waterstones that may be of interest to him, so it’s an excuse to peruse the book shop (not that we need one).

I have it on good authority that there’s a fairly interesting football march on today. Something to do with little stars on football shirts. What is all that about? Oh yes….
I absolutely refuse to have flags on the car – because it really does make you look like a d1ckhead, but I will wear the shirt….

Oh dear…. What am I doing?

The journey home was via Whitehall Garden Center near Lacock (Pronounced Lay-Cock. You boy!, stop sniggering at the back!), where I happen to be of very close terms with their annual Father Christmas. Needed some netting to protect the veggie patch.

Finally arrived back by 5 and cooked a fantastic spaghetti bol for dinner (we know how to live you know).

6pm was perfect timing for the first portion of Going Postal or as the film version is titled “Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal”. I know he’s got Alzheimer’s disease but I don’t think he has a gun – so the title is a tad harsh. It transpires that the production team “The Mob” have upped thier game even further than on “The Colour if Magic”. This time much of the filming took place in Budapest but you’d be forgiven for thinking they actually went to discworld (if such a place existed in the same plane of reality as we do) given the detail applied to the sets and location scenery.

Once again it’s very faithful to the book not least because the screenplay was “mucked about by” Mr Pratchett himself. A few masterful strokes of casting help seal the deal. Great to see that newsreaders brother David Suchet is capable of so much more than Hercule Poirot (a role he was clearly born to play). Here he makes for a deliciously wicked bad guy and so far is faultless. Star of the show is Richard Coyle as Moist von Lipwig but he’s got some heafty competition in the firm of Charles Dance, Steve Pemberton (The League of Gentlemen), Andrew Sachs (Fawlty Towers) and Timothy West to name but four.

Can’t wait for part two tonight.

Today would gave been Cheese Rolling. Roll on next year (very poor pun intended). Here’s the official notice which makes for interesting reading. You have been warned. Two minutes silence for the passing of a
Great British tradition please:

While the sun shines and the Cheese doesn’t roll, I have lawn to mow (I know how much Scobi likes to keep track of my grass cutting schedule) and of course netting to install. That will be part of the morning filled. No idea what the rest of the day has in store fir us, but with any luck it’ll be feet up with nothing at all!!! Bliss….

The weather has returned to glorious sunshine now that the bank holiday has packed up and shipped out until the end of the month. Haven’t heard yet but no doubt Scobi would have had a sleepless night with the constant drumming of rain on the roof of his ‘van over the weekend.

The Ash is back! and I’m not talking about Paddy Ashdown, although it is interesting that the volcanic ash cloud is currently effecting Northern Ireland… Paddy Ash Down… geddit.. Oh dear. Perhaps it’s a sign (of your pish-poor joke telling. Ed.) There’s one in there somewhere.

And at last the end is in sight. There’s only two days left until #ge2010 and the three potential leaders are all guns blazing for the final push. Suddenly it’s getting interesting again. It’s definitely been flat since the last debate. I was of the opinion that either the LibDems were heading for a landslide or the majority of Internet users were LibDem judging by the various polls, voting websites and twitter but all of a sudden last night there was a massive influx of Labour tweeters on the back of Gordon Brown’s speech to Citizens UK. Quite bizarre and makes me wonder just what the hell is really going on. If I was prone to conspiracy theory (and occasionally I am) I think I’d be seeing things like this…

Gordon was clearly on the ropes with such low popularity at the beginning of the canvasing. The Conservatives thought they had a shoe-in, but just to be certain they’d organise a media mogul’s support just like Mr Bush in the US. I fully expect Sky news to broadcast a result in favour of the conservatives long before the count is finished, just like George W’s term was announced by Fox news. Interesting that the same man is behind both organisations. The Sky News Poll of Poll’s has had the same percentages on it for over a week now, suggesting that the Conservatives are way out in front. Gordon’s speech was shown on the BBC, but Sky’s version of the story focused on the member of the audience that heckled and stood up with a “No Nuclear Power” sign in the middle of it. The Times, The News of the World and the Sun have all come out as conservative (They follow their bosses instructions reasonably well) and this morning we have Labour candidate Manish Sood. He claims “The prime minister’s recent policies are a ‘disaster’, including the rise in income tax” he tells Sky News (oh??). “True Labour values have ‘gone missing'” he adds arguing that “the party needs to be cleaned up”. I’m not disagreeing with the sentiment per-say, but why’s he telling Sky ?? Money well spent there Bobby. It seems pretty clear that Mr Murdoch (owner of News Corp) wants a Conservative government and is doing everything in his power to get one. Of course I should point out that this is a conspiracy theory with the key word being theory – Just in case Mr Burns utters the immortal words “Smithers! Release the hounds!”

What Mr Burns – sorry I keep making that mistake – Mr Murdoch seems to be forgetting about is that the Great British public while being able to display extraordinary levels of dumbness on occasion are by no means stupid. His bullsh*t tactics might have worked in the US, but I refuse to believe that the same can be said of the UK. If Monty got his way we’d have a Conservative Majority, but if things are as close as the pundits and pollsters would suggest, then I would expect the outcome of Thursdays votes to be a hung parliament with a Lib Con split. This is all conjecture though – so we’ll just have to wait and see. Unless you watch Sky News or are in Bristol East where the postal vote has already been announced!!!

Well it’s back to the grindstone and a three day week for me as I’m recovering from shock all day on Friday. Not the shock of the result but the shock of the fact that I’ve taken such a huge interest in politics!! Last couple of points…

This website is yet another interesting take on tweets and elections. Why not join in and cast your vote.

And if you want a proper grown up well thought out take on the whole kit and caboodle (as opposed to my inane, immature, misunderstood, diluted and over simplistic view – probably) then you could do a lot worse than read Mr Fry’s take on it, who always as something interesting to add.

How the hell did that happen ?? I’ll leave you with this final thought: Of the 16 AAA rated economies in the world 10 are governed by coalitions – and 12 by Proportional Representation – why isn’t ours?

Shame we don’t all have today off as well which would have allowed for a full long weekend, but three quarters is better than none.

The TV debates are over so we’ve only got a week left of the incessant bolotics. And the results ? Well generally it seems Mr Clegg won the first one, the second was still slightly in Mr Clegg’s favour with Mr Cameron a close second and yesterdays seemed to be Mr Cameron’s night, although Mr Clegg held a very strong second. This leaves Mr Brown floundering around and in need of some serious hard work, which I’m afraid will get him nowhere. It’s apparent that the population have already decided that a change is needed and with the mess the Labour Party have been making of their campaign you could be forgiven for thinking they are actually “trying” to loose the election. Between you and me, I don’t think they need to “try” too hard.

Gordon and his “Team” unveiled new posters this morning with the slogans “Don’t forget to vote Labour Mum” and “Vote Labour Gran”. If my mum (or my Gran for that matter) voted Labour hell would have frozen over. Not only that but the event was a bit of a car crash, as some poor soul actually crashed their car into a bus stop nearby. Presumably distracted by the sight of a man who’s collar and cuffs don’t match! You can’t blame Gordy, The Dark Lord and The Badger for trying, but in all honesty they’ve made an arse of it.

Where does that leave us then ? It’s a two horse race, between the blues and yellows – and we keep being told that the likely outcome is a hung parliament. Some people I know would be “happy to hang the bloody lot of them”. The problem here is the First Past the Post voting system. Here’s what the Electoral Reform Society have to say about it:

The voting system: how it works
At a general election each of the 646 constituencies in the UK elects one MP to represent them in parliament. Political parties choose one candidate each and voters put an ‘X’ on the ballot paper next to their favourite candidate. The candidate with the most votes wins, and is elected to a seat in the Commons: it’s as simple as that.
This is the First Past the Post election system. Much like a race in which the winner is the first across the line these elections are ‘winner takes all’. It does not matter how close the race was, there are no prizes (and no seats) for those coming second.

Is it fair?
It seems fair that in a single seat the person with the most votes wins. But candidates don’t need to get a majority of votes, just more than their opponents. It means most MPs are elected when the majority of their electorate would have preferred someone else. Currently only one in three MPs can claim support from over half of the voters in their constituencies.
When we add up the votes across all the seats, the national results show that some political parties do better under this system than others. There are no prizes for coming second, so if a party is runner up in many seats it can win lots of votes but very few seats. In fact, in five elections during the twentieth century, the party that won the most votes did not win the most seats. You might say the wrong party won the election.
In the 2005 election, one party won 600,000 votes in the UK but no seats at all. Another party, which won less than half this number of votes, won nine seats. The election result depends as much on where your supporters live as how many you actually have. As the number of seats parties win determines who governs the UK, it is a serious problem if there are doubts about the fairness of the system.

I’m all for changing this because it really doesn’t seem fair that my vote is actually only worth 0.2 votes. OK – Enough!!

Fairly quiet weekend planned. Lunch with the Mother-in-Law and the opportunity to see the newly refurbished bathroom (assuming that BBB has finished it by then) and a trip to LudLow to have a look round are two of the items on the list. We passed through Ludlow on the way to North Wales a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised at how nice it looked. Mrs G has been there a few times before, but it’ll be a new experience for me, so I’m looking forward to that. Of course the weather makes deciding which day to go on a tricky choice, but it’s looking like Monday will be the day. Let’s hope everyone else stays home so the roads are clear (Although Scobi’s vannin’ could cause a tailback from the south west all the way back up to the midlands.)

Whatever you do, have a great bank holiday weekend safe in the knowledge that I’ll stop cr*pping on about #ge2010 very soon.

“Es sit Freitag” or “c’est vendredi”, either way – thank feck for that.

Well, it turns out that things at my Starfleet meeting went quite well. Time will tell what the results of it all will be, but after all the worry, I feel better just for getting it all off my chest. Upstairs in a rather cramped office at one of the outposts was the location and it consisted of all the standard items that are usually covered in meetings of this type. Nothing unusual and entirely as expected. However, there was a reason that the office was cramped, and that was the fact that we were sharing it with an elephant that my commander was doing his best not to engage in any conversation. Those that know me, will know I’m a sociable chap, and felt sorry for the great grey beast sat there all alone so I set about making it my business to introduce my commander to him. He produced a bag of peanuts and elephants are very big. Make of this what you will. I have nothing more to add on the subject.

So after relative success (and I stress the word relative) I was still in need of refreshment which would come in the form of the WTC. As you may know this put me between a rock and a hard place with respect to the #LeadersDebate. I watched some on my phone, though the pub was too noisy to focus, I followed along on twitter, though the twitterati tend not too focus on the detail (well how can you in 140 characters?) This means that I find myself this morning in the position that Scobi was last week and judging the results on this mornings analysis. I did record it though and I will watch it – probably during my lunch today. It’ll be interesting to see if my opinion lines up with anything the press are saying.

Something I have found very surprising over the last week or two is the number of people that have really become engaged in the whole election / politics process. I know you can’t avoid it because of the news, but last night’s conversation in the pub was 80% political which is something I would never have expected from the assembled members in a month of Sundays. But then it was Thursday. What started as very much a passing comment in the canteen at Starfleet yesterday also turned into a good hours worth of political opinion and I was very interested to discover that one of our number sit on the local council.

Equally surprising to me is how engaged I’ve become by it. A couple of months ago I would have had little if no interest in it at all, but since my conversations with Parmjit Dhanda and the lack or results from him combined with the televised debates (there’s nowhere to hide) I’m completely riveted by the whole circus of it. I can’t believe I’ve even gone to the trouble of taking the day off on Friday the 7th just to stay up all night on the 6th and watch the results. This is a worry to me. I have no intention of standing for office at any level. (Just wanted to clear that up)

What I really do need to do – and I don’t know if I’m going to get enough time to do it – is to properly figure out the contents of the parties manifesto’s and which policies are best. That, after all is the only indicator that we have to go on besides our own experiences of those involved. What I mean by this, is that if someone says they’re going to do something, are they actually going to do it ? or to put it another way, can they be trusted ? So let’s think about that for a moment. Hmmmmm…. Expenses? Tax? Economy? Iraq? Digital Economy Bill?…. bugg3r! They can’t be trusted can they? I’m still going to have to analyse the policies – although I suspect that that could lead me nowhere too.

To other things…. Finally have arranged for BBB to visit Mother-in-Laws this evening and measure up for her new bathroom. In theory this is a twenty minute job, but I believe that while I hold my Mother-in-Law in very great esteem (she is easily my favourite Mother-in-Law of all time), she is extremely adept at removing the two rear limbs of a quadrupedal domesticated equidae using only the power of speech.

Beyond that, some last minute preparations for our weekend of socialising and a huge sigh of relief that it really is Friday! Have a great weekend.