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Thursday nights are (as the regular readers know) reserved for the Wednesday/Thursday Club – or WTC for short – which is basically a bunch of like minded individuals who go to the pub and relieve themselves of the pressure of the working week by bitching about it and generally putting the world back into perspective. 

Last Thursday’s WTC almost co-insided with one of our numbers birthday – namely Stan – who isn’t actually called Stan – but then that’s the whole point of nicknames. 

Sadly, the horrendous planning that’s been happening of late has meant that I’ve had to get in the car and attempt to drive through the snow to my not-so-local office for the day on Friday. This means that I had to scale back my participation a little to account for an early start – ie: I had an (almost) early finish and a sensible amount of alcohol. 

That said, there was still plenty of frivolity, some banging Ska music – exactly how Stan likes it – and truth be told, how everyone likes it once it gets going.

He was also, the lucky recipient of the WTC Birthday Present, which has to be the most awful smelling aftershave you could ever hope not to sniff.


….and that was almost a week ago…  And then it was Friday and as I’ve eluded I had to take a trip up to my not-very-close office to have a handover from the Badman who is off galavanting around Wales (if such a thing is possible in Wales). 

The job is a very similar shape to one that he and I completed last year and so should be relatively straight forward.  However – I’d somehow forgotten just how stressful it is to not be fully in control of the destiny of those that work for you on a job like this.  We’ve reached Thursday afternoon now and I’ve got throughmost of the pain relatively unscathed.  I’ve spent some time explaining to Clive what’s going on – nothing he didn’t already know, but then he has to have a reason to be here.

As a team, we’ve had to deal with two changes that have effected more of the work than had been anticiapted. No matter how hard I might try to get things in a reasonable shape for the end of the week, you can almsot guarantee that some numpty somewhere is waiting behind a photocopier or desk, to jump out and stick thier proverbial cat amongst the pidgeons at the last minute.

I’ve also been reminded how obnoxious the rest of Europe can be – I’m amazed that I’d forgotten, but I can only surmise that it must be akin to the memories of people that are involved in very serious accidents, and that thankfully have no recollection of them whatsoever. I too have no recolection of ever having to deal with the people of Luxembourg….  it was that painful.

On top of that there’s the commercial aspects of a job like this – and that is almost entirely about who is going to get paid for doing what – or not.  Extremely frustrating. But we carry on rewardless. It’s enough to leave you scarred for life….   See What I did there ?  ;-D

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Yet again I’ve slipped into failing to blog.  I think the only way I’m really going to break this on and off scribbling is to signup to again and really get my writing muscle pumping.

The truth of it is that I’ve been distracted from my blogging duties. I made a bit of a stab at it a couple of weeks ago and then I foolishly went off on holiday to Spain on the weak and feeble premise of “playing golf with the lads”.  There was some playing of golf – and in point of fact I even managed to play at least one very very good game by beating everyone else – but as is the case with such things this was most likely a fluke brought about by the amount of alcohol consumed paired with the lack of sleep that the “good” players had.  I could blag it and say my game just improved dramatically – but we all know that would be a lie.  It was merely fortuitous timing.  All the same – I won – they lost!! Hahaha!

One of our number has laid some ground work towards becoming a minor celebrity. Actually, when I say minor that’s bigging him up quite a bit.  In short he’s been filming “Come Dine With Me” – and if you don’t know what that is, you’re both very lucky and missing out on some popular culture that won’t change your life, but might make you smile.

It turns out that the filming of this show carries on until the wee small hours after each evenings dinner, and leaves the participants pretty much dead on their feet.  In this individual’s case, he was the last one to host dinner and his night ran on until about 4am on the Saturday morning.  Ordinarily this wouldn’t have mattered a jot, except that we had to be leaving for the airport to fly to spain at – you guessed it – 4am.  He was late.  He was drunk (ish) and he was still wearing his tuxedo from dinner.  A cracking start to a crazy week.

Regardless – he made it – we all did, and by 11am on Saturday, 8 of us were ensconced in an 80’s styled villa in Puerto Banus ready for beer, food, golf and general shenanigans. Fun times.

I won’t bore you with it, but we bumped into Cilla Black, Stan Boardman and probably an unknown number of ex-Eastend blaggers and criminal underlings. We drank too much, slept too little and got sunburned and tired. Very relaxing.

I bought gifts for Mrs G and daughter – they wanted perfume – and very happy with the results they are.  So what you need after a week like that is a nice gentle start back in the office.  Not a bit of it…..  

A conversation with the badman on Sunday, meant that I had to load up the roller-skate and whizz off to a local starfleet office because things had “kicked off” on another piece of work – not the one we’ve been waiting for, but one I’d “helped out on” just before my holiday.  What I needed was a nice quite start to catch up on the email infestation – but instead it was “bloody hard work” followed by dinner with a bunch of people who didn’t really want dinner, but did want to be entertained.

The badman and I suffered it together – and I suppose it could have been much worse, but really no-one was in the the mood for a party – so there wasn’t one.

The rest of the week has limped along because of some poorly made assumptions elsewhere and because of the now infamous phrase “It Is What It Is”.  I am thoroughly sick to death of hearing it and saying it, so for future reference anytime it may be mentioned I shall simply say “IIWII” – which looks a bit like an appendix to World War 2 in shorthand, and now you come mention feels a bit like it too.

The weekend is just around the corner (for most of us) although it appears I may have to do some work during mine just so that we can be “ahead of the game” on Monday.  On this occasion I don’t really see the point of it, when our target seems to be way beyond our reach – but We Are Where We Are……  Arrrrrrrrrrrgggghh   WAWWA!!!!

….In other news….

Got my iOS5 upgrades everywhere they need to be – and I like them a lot. Great stuff – everything working smoothly and seemlessly. All-in-all very pleased with what they’ve done there.

We have an infesation of in-laws and out-laws this weekend. It’s my favourite brother-in-laws birthday and he and the rest of his family are around our neck of the woods to celebrate.  I’d hoped for some R&R after two hectic weeks, but then I don’t mind digging deep for some remaining energy reserves in this instance.

Afterall – IIWII and WAWWA…..

Barbara!!  Fetch me the shotgun!

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That’s been the summer then – although looking out the window this morning, it’s not going anywhere in a hurry.  A proper Indian summer is with us in the UK but it’s a rubbish excuse for not blogging.  I have no-one to blame but myself. So what’s been going on ?….


Well – workwise, Pooh and I have got to the end of our run with the Big American company that needed Starfleet’s help.  We think we’ve helped and everyone (including the Big American company) seem to be quite happy with what we’ve done.  We haven’t really p!ssed anyone off and signatures are on the relevant pieces of paper to prove it.


Talking of signatures on paper – I’ve collected three in the last month that I’m particularly pleased about.  One is (to be fair a digital one) from my UK departmental lead, who agree’s that I’m a good guy really and anyone who said otherwise was wrong in the past – so actually I’m worth hanging on to.  That’s nice to know.


The second is from my UK bosses, bosses, boss which says thanks very much for your help, and the third one is from the overall commander of Starfleet (Mr very very important – and extremely influential – although not quite so well known as Steve Jobs) who says congratulations on being here still after 25 years!  25 YEARS!??!?!  REALLY!??


In reality – I haven’t been here for 25 years – although I have been here for 10 – and I find that scary enough.  The way employment law works in europe, means that should you transfer from one company to another as part of a take-over or outsourcing agreement, your service up until that point all counts as service with your new employer.  


I’ve had three interviews for jobs in my whole career – but only the first one was as an unknown. The other two were internal interviews. That’s how good I am. They all want to keep me really. 🙂 I’ve worked for five different companies in that time (so that’s an average of one every 5 years) and they’ve all been related to each other in one way or another.  Basically, it went like this: a take-over, a promotion, a promotion, a merger, an outsource which all adds up to 25 years.


I got a great pen. 🙂


Now – armed with my new pen – Pooh and I are all set to run off a new adventure, which is just around the corner.  We’re just fending off the remnants of the old one, but there’s really not a lot left now.  Who knows what delights await us – but I’m sure some of them won’t be too delightful.


Outside of the work-o-sphere, I’ve had a couple of weeks off (one of the other benefits of being around for so long, is that for this year only I get 35 days vacation – so I have to crowbar it in where I can).  


Me and Mrs G went down to Swanage for a week to stay in a lovely little cottage by the sea.  Swanage is a quaint old seaside town – rather stuck somewhere in the end of the 50’s and 60’s in places, while a few businesses are trying to drag it into the new century.  To be honest, I wish, they’d mostly leave it be.  The old pubs and fish and chip shops, hark back to a time when summer holidays meant sandcastles and fish and chips and not airplanes and overcrowded hotels. Proper english in a traditional way. Sticks of rock and “kiss me quick” hats – all that sort of stuff. Lovely.  


We had great weather for a week so late in the year and had a great time too.  I’d particularly recommend the Globe pub as one of the most traditional I’ve been into in a while.


Daughter also had a holiday – and jetted off with her mates to the Canary Islands for a week, only to come back with a georgous looking tan. Pah!


The second week was spent at home in the rain. Not quite so much fun, but I did get a few little jobs done that needed doing, including the reframing of a few photos that I’d been meaning to sort out for ages. Very happy with the result.


Then we’ve had a trip to the Rugby to see good old Gloucester kick it out of Bath. That was fun – if a little too much imbibing. 


My next big trip is only a week or so away now too.  This time it’s golf – with the lads in sunny Spain.  I’m sure Mrs G isn’t over the moon on one hand, because we’ve not been abroad for any proper sunshine this year, but on the other hand, she’ll be glad to have some space to herself for a week without me – and we are planning on doing something a bit more special in the new year.  Not decided exactly what yet – but it’s on the cards.


SO there we go – a bit caught up.  I don’t want this to be huge – so I’ll limit my tech news comment – which is vast – to another post.  If you’re interested I’ll be blathering about Facebook, Google+, the iPhone 5 (or lack thereof) and the Kindle Fire (and others). But that’s for the next post.


Glad to be back – stay safe – and keep calm and carry on.

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Back to earth with a bump then. Seems like forever since I’ve had to do a proper day’s work, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case for very much longer now. From what I’ve gathered there’s been some sort of movement on our project at the edge of the hundred acre wood. While I don’t have all the detail yet, I have no doubt that this will mean some serious meaty lumps of “stuff to do” that will fill my waking hours for a few weeks. First job on the agenda though is catching up with the now professional painter and decorator (judging by the amount of practice he’s had), the badman.

As for everything outside of Starfleet… Well, I’d try to recap, but there’s been so much of nothing going on over the last week or so that you’d get very bored very quickly. Here’s the photographic short hand version minus the street party shenanigans, to protect the identity of the innocent:

The thing that’s really been filling up my time is pain. Basically, high levels of agony combined with the inability to get the NHS to work properly managed to spoil the largest part of the week that I’d previously hoped to be peaceful with peaks of educational interest. Instead I managed the pain with a selection of over the counter drugs until, finally on Thursday I went “under the knife” at 9am (well, under the pliers) and the pain was eased. Not gone, mind you, but not the same. It’s now a healing, getting better slowly, sort of pain rather than “I am about to die!” sort of pain.

And that’s about the size of it. A week of agony that hasn’t really left me feeling refreshed, but I know it will be worthy agony.

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Apparently these are the two most pressing questions in the world this morning. It’s got to be a good day when questions like that are the things we’re most concerned about as a nation.

For my part I am a very British royalist. That is to say I’m supportive when they’re good and derisive when they’re bad but like all Brits I believe that the continuity of our historical traditions is the one thing that sets us apart from the rest of the world. We may not be the oldest country in the world but for such a small island there isn’t anywhere that we haven’t had an impact (good and bad).

Ultimately this continuity is maintained by having a monarchy that flexes and changes to fit it’s role into whatever the world may be expecting of it. 30 years ago, could you imagine the Royal family allowing trees in the church for Charles and Diana’s wedding? It seems our Monarchary learned some big lessons from that era and while the change may not be something that they’ve found particularly easy, it is something they’ve suceeded in doing.

The eyes of the world are upon us – 180 countries have taken the live feed of the events and there are over 6000 journalists in the capital. There’s a whisper that Her Maj may bestow a new title on the current Miss Middleton, and if I was a gambling man, I think a flutter on the queens hat being blue, and Prince Charles not becoming King would both be worth a flutter. But I digress into rumour and conjecture.

We’re having a street party, but unlike these buffoons, ours won’t be until about 1pm after the wedding itself and is likely to involve beer and bar-b-q’s.


I mean it’s 7.30 in the morning for heavens sake!!!!

All that remains is to thank the lovely bridesmaids for being, so, Ermmm, lovely? And to wish the happy couple all the very best of British luck for their future together. So ladies and gentlemen, charge your glasses and please be upstanding for their royal highnesses, William and Kate. Here’s to a great time for one and all.

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…they come not single spies, But in battalions.
Stand well back…
<Grumpy Old Man Mode: ON>
Which is Shakespeare’s (Hamlet) way of saying – it never rains, but it pours. As years go, 2011 would so far, easily be, as the queen once so famously put it, our Annus Horribilis (“horrible year”).  We’ve had the daughter broken arm/lost job debacle and we’ve had the Starfleet bufoonery, and we’ve had the loss of my cousins wife to the Big C.
We now have Great step-garandmother-in-law (Its complicated – don’t ask) moving out of her flat and into a home which has begun a spate of cardigan theft. The imminent loss of our very close friend L’s father – also to the big C. Mrs G’s friend, S’s discovery of a “lump” and finally my near death experience with tooth-ache that is prooving a right royal bar steward to get sorted out.  Don’t get me started about NHS dentists and how much of a rip off in general the denitstry system is. I you’re wondering – I’m still in significant pain without any sign of a thieving dentist.  Never looking a gift horse in the mouth isn’t something that phases these findividuals (and yes, that F is intentional)
On top of this we have a mix of government that are cutting everything while charging more via the back door and on the surface don’t actually appear to be fixing anything. The cost of everything is going through the roof. I packed up smoking last year – and thank god for small mercies, having recently seen a packet of 16 (yes only 16) cigarettes in a vending machine priced at 8 quid!!!  8 QUID???!!  What the be-jesus is that all about?  That means, one cigarette would cost you 50p!  For a 19 year old apprentice, that means almost 4 hours work without putting a roof over their head or eating anything!?  What happened to the simple pleasures – even if they were bad for you?
On a global scale, Japan, Libya, & Syria… in fact, the whole of the middle east!  I’m not one to swear in my blog often, but fecking hell… this is getting stupid now.
In short I am not a happy bunny!
<Grumpy Old Man Mode: OFF>
.. and so, instead of being a GOM (sorry, but I had to vent a little), let’s try and focus on the good stuff.  What’s positive that’s been happening or is on the cards ?
I’m on holiday (even if I am spending it with my hand clamped roughly to my jaw) as we’re now almost precisly in the gap between bank holidays. There’s the fothcoming flag waving of the royal wedding to look forward to – that should help shouldn’t it?? No? .. well, OK, but I am on holiday still.  Sort of.
“The Pooh” and I are still awaiting news from the front, but it’s a bit slow in coming. I keep checking, but it’s like the proverbial “watched pot”, and is never boiling. At some point, it will boil over and then it’ll be all hands to the pumps and manning the gas tap as it’s bound to wash the burning ring out.
The previous weekend has been a cracker though – and no mistake.  Mrs G and I took a trip to North Nibley.  “Where?”, I hear you ask.
View Larger Map
It’s a beautiful little village near Dursley in Gloucestershire. What drew us here was a recent news story regarding the people of Nibley and their monument.   It starts with an uphill struggle through the woods and eventually to a gate that opens out onto a field atop the hill.  And there before you sits the 111-foot-tall monument.

It says here:

William Tyndale was born in Gloucestershire around 1490. He spent much of his early life in Nibley, Stinchcombe and Slimbridge before going on to Magdalen Hall, Oxford, from which he graduated with a BA in 1512. After this he spent some time in Cambridge before employment as tutor to the children of Master Walsh, a Knight of Sodbury Manor, Gloucestershire.
It was while as Sodbury, William Tyndale seriously began to consider translating the New Testament into English. At this time, the doctrines preached by Martin Luther on the continent were being discussed in England and Tyndale accepted them and preached them in Sodbury and villages around.
After some time he went to London and there, continued studying and preaching. But persecution was too strong and he made his way to Wittenburg, the home of Luther and joined an enthusiastic band of students who had gathered there. Here he prepared his translation of the New Testament which he had printed in Antwerp and then had copied smuggled into this country.
Shortly after this William Tyndale was put into prison by the Emperor of Germany on a charge of heresy. At his trial he pleaded that the doctrines he taught were contained in the Bible and that the Bible ought to be in a language which everyone could read. His defence was of no avail and subsequently in the courtyard of Vilvorde Castle near Brussels he was chained to a stake and burnt.
The date was October 6th, 1536.
A facsimile of the Tyndale New Testament can be seen in the lobby of North Nibley Tabernacle.

The monument was built between 1863 and 1866 to commemorate the work of William. The land around the monument as always been freely accessible to the public, but now the landowner wants to sell up.  The villagers have an apeal going to raise the £46,000 needed to keep it as it is today.  It’s a beautiful area with a cracking pub – something we don’t have enough of anymore. I’d highly recommend a couple of hours here to anyone should you be passing. Proper smashing.
Right then – it’s time to find a dentist that won’t mug me….   That will be a struggle.

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To quote Lebowski:

The Big Lebowski: Are you employed sir?
The Dude: Employed?
The Big Lebowski: You don’t go out looking for a job dressed like that? On a weekday?
The Dude: Is this a…  what day is this?

It’s a good point, and to be honest over the next week or two is going to become a well asked question. With no less than 4 bank holidays either side of the next two weekends we really don’t have a cat in hells chance of knowing what day it is from one sunrise to the next. Right now, it could be a Friday, or a Saturday, or at a stretch it might be Sunday. Hmmm it’s all very confusing.

Anyway, whatever day it is, it seems I can treat it as if it were a Saturday, so I’ve started it off with a mowing of the lawn. Bit of a walk to the local shop (for local people) with Mrs G and drive to “Countrywide” to pick up some growbags with daughter. Back at the ranch and positioning and planting of said bags brings us nicely round to mid afternoon. Strawberries and tomatoes if you were wondering.
Got a sausage casserole on the go in the slow cooker for this evenings dinner, other than that, it’s all about the sunshine. What a gorgeous day.
Finally, just a little geek news…. Seems that the behemoth that is the Playstation Network (Sony’s equivalent of X-Box Live) is off line and has been for about 24 hours with no articulated reason.  Some people pay for the premium level service on this network. I imagine they’re extremely upset and the result could well cause long term damage to sony’s mostly unblemished record to date.
And secondly, just how green is the iPhone (you know, the one that tracks your movements)

Geekaphone’s How Green is the iPhone Infographic

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Finally I’m back at it…   For some strange reason it’s been really tough to get back into the swing of things after sitting in glourious sunshine for a week. How odd!?  I mean, why would anyone NOT want to go back to the drudgery of office work in the freezing UK weather conditions if they were sat by a pool in 25 degrees of warmth ?  No, I don’t know either…

This means that there’s a lot to catch up on. Obviosuly regular readers will have been keeping in touch with the goings on via the published photos. I know it doesn’t show much commitment on my part, afterall, you don’t come here to see the pictures, you come to read the witty and insightful prose… oh?.. OK, maybe not, but I do have a defense for the photos.

A) I was on holiday. Even I’m allowed a break aren’t I? and
B) “A picture paints a thousand words”, so I managed about 7000 words
3) I did manage to compose something on the aeroplane, both there and back

You really can’t moan, but feel free to leave a comment.

And now we’re in December, so what’s happening next ?  Well, it’s back to work at Starfleet and a big push towards the end of the year.  I really am trying to make my transistion into the new role in January as smooth as possible, and so to this end I’m trying not to pick up anything new. I understand how difficult this is though, because there’s work to be done and limited resource to do it. Still, I’m looking forward to the change – which is as they say – as good as a rest.

The British weather has gone a bit dolally (lovely phrase – with special thanks to the British Army for that one*) with seriously hard frosts and widespread snowfall, both of which have emerged very early for the time of year. I was hoping to get a bit of sledging in after Daughter had insisted on buying one a couple of weeks ago, but as yet we haven’t had enough snow!!  Seems crazy when we see pictures on the TV and hear reports from the far flung members of the family of so much of the cold white stuff, but I have no doubt we’ll have some before Christmas arrives.

Good grief!! Christmas!!  Already??  How can that be?  It was damn hot sunshine and sunburn on the beach not 5 minutes ago. It can’t possibly be Christmas yet? Apparently it is though. In fact the Senior Ball’s have organised Christmas day to be held in Wiltshire on the 12th of December. That’s less than a fortnight away!! (Old English meaning “Fourteen nights” – so two weeks, for the Americans among us)  All a bit early, but it does mean that they can do whatever they like on the big day rather than have to trapse up and down the country. Of course the same works for the rest of us too. I’m not sure I whole heartedly agree with having Chrsitmas early on, but it does take off a bit of pressure on the 25th.

Of course, the other big story is the return of daughter from her trip around Thailand. She had a short bout of homesickness, but in the end she had a really great time. “Amazing” seems to be her new word and she did manage to bring home 800 (yes you read that right) photos of all sorts of stuff. Her experience has left Mrs G and I a little jealous of the beaches of souther Thailand, and it’s now firmly on the list of places to visit once time and finance allow.

They also got up close with Tiger’s, Elephants, Bridges (over the River Kwai), Rivers, Beaches & Sunsets. Looks beautiful….

See and download the full gallery on posterous

On the techy front – I’ve been very out of touch thanks to the sunshine, but I’m very pleased to seet he release of iOS4.2 meaning that the iPhones and iPad are all doing very similar things.  One big dissapointment here though is the lack of AirPrint support for my Canon MP620. Apparently there’s a hack to make it work, and support may be coming in the not to distant future, but it would have been nice to have had that straight out of the box.

Right. Best get on… lots to do…  Nice to see you back. Wrap up warm.

* Deolali tap (a place in India):

“Time-expired men sent to Deolalie from their different units might have to wait for months before a troop-ship fetched them home… The well-known saying among soldiers when speaking of a man who does queer things, ‘Oh, he’s got the Doo-lally tap,’ originated, I think, in the peculiar way men behaved owing to the boredom of that camp.” – Francis Philip Woodruff – Old Soldier Sahib, 1936

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I’ve been having a marathon session of “Get Stuff Done” (GSD) so far this week. Well it’s only fair. I’m off on my hol’s the least I can do is not leave too much work laying around for my colleagues to have to deal with in my absence. It’s satisfying but also draining which in theory will make my week off all that more enjoyable.

I rarely use ToDo lists to do this stuff (all puns intended), preferring to have a list of projects with status which I constantly cycle and update. This means I have a living “whiteboard” of what I’m doing and often what I’ve done which means I can pinpoint a moment within a given project’s life cycle very quickly.  It doesn’t always work out that way. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s served me well for a very long time.

I’m starting to really wonder if I’ve made a sensible decision regarding departmental shuffles that I’ll be doing after Christmas. A part of me thinks not, but while I’m sat here with my first cup of coffee of the day analysing the situation it has occurred to me that I may be feeling this way purely because I’ve been having a marathon session of ‘Get Stuff Done’.

Having now got stuff done, my workload has faded away nicely and is reminiscent of how things used to be when I enjoyed what I do now. Hmmm. Interesting.

This seems to lead me towards the obvious conclusion that either:

A) I should consistently try to ‘Get Stuff Done’ or
B) I consistently have too much to do to be able, at any given point, get it all done.

Now I know that I always apply A anyway, so B must be where my pain is. Having heard a few stats of my colleagues and my performance of late, this does seem to hold up. We are all very very busy none of which is helped by the fact that it’s quarter four (see yesterdays post). I wonder if those in charge try to keep it balanced at this point?  

In the mean time I’ve still got loads to do although from this evening it’s not so much work as it is packing. Luckily a wise man of the road warrior tribe in a far off land, took me under his wing in my youth and apprenticed me in the ways of travelling light but taking everything you need.

I am an expert – ninja level 78th dan bag packer, also known as “Getting It Packed” (GIP). Don’t try it at home or without the adequate training as you’re most likely to arrive at your destination without something vital or worse yet, something trivial.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

One week for two people = 1 hold bag. I’d have preferred to go with 1 carry on each (or better yet just 1 carry on) but Mrs G will insist on having a frivolous number of shoes when she travels. Her justification involves the words, “just in case”. If 27 pairs of shoes would fit, just in the case, I wouldn’t worry. However, as I know which side my bread is buttered, she is of course quite correct.  😉

In other news…. Daughter is very excited to be coming home. Can’t wait to see her and hear all about the adventures she’s had.

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