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Onwards to my favourite subject, but one I’ve been a little neglectful of lately. All things technological.  In particular, two subjects, that of the Social network and of Apple.


Facebook has become THE social network. It’s slowly grown into that position over a (relatively) long period of time, as you can see here:


I’m sure you’d agree that’s some pretty rapid growth. But that’s nothing.  Take a look at Twitter’s growth numbers.


So Facebook went from zero to 800 million users (by far the most of any Social Network) in 7 years. You could average it at 114m users a year if you like.


However, Twitter went from zero to 200 million in 5 years, which again you could average to 40m a year. So that’s still very rapid growth, but not as fast as Facebook.  So what about Google plus?


G+ went from zero to 10million users in 16 days…..  and we can see from the trends of the other networks that growth starts off slow….  If that’s slow! then these are crazy numbers..  averaging out at 228m a year!!! Holy crud.  Of course – these are just statistics and as we know 87.4% of statistics are made up on the spot.  G+’s biggest problem is that to move people from Facebook onto G+, the Facebook crowd won’t budge until their friends are there, or until Facebook changes something major that they don’t like.


And guess what?  One snippet of tech news that’s not just a statistic is that Facebook is changing.  Their recent F8 conference announced a whole raft of changes which clearly show they feel threatened by the release of Google+ and that they’re running to catch up quick.  One of the more interesting is the timeline, which I actually think looks very nice – but it’s pretty creepy when stuff like this happens to what you thought was personal – and then suddenly isn’t.  

And of course, Facebook users – who are traditionally a fairly conservative bunch – won’t like the change.  At least for about three weeks and then they’ll just resort to their usual level of bland chitter-chatter.


Here’s what timeline looks like from Facebook’s perspective…



Now, from socialising, onto the fruit stuff… Apple…..


If you didn’t know already, there’s an Apple announcement tomorrow and this has served to whip the IT press into a frenzy.  Here’s what I’ve heard that seems pretty solid…


Steve Jobs probably won’t be there, because Tim Cook will be, now that Steve has officially retired. It would be great for him to appear to handover to Tim, but he’s probably too unwell, which is a great shame.  He’s clearly been one of the most innovative CEO’s in the tech industry over the last 10 years and turned Apple around when they needed it most. He will be greatly missed by the tech world as a whole.


As for the announcement, the expectation is the iPhone 5 will land – and I have to say after all I’ve seen and read – I don’t think it will. I think the iPhone 5 (which might have a curved back a bit like the iPhone 3 – or it might not) isn’t going to show up until next year at the earliest. 


Furthermore, the location for the announcement (Apple’s HQ) is a very small venue – too small for an iPhone launch – and this time of year is traditionally reserved for iPod announcements.  Having said that, the invite for the event looks like this:


Now – lots of people have tried to analyse this image – and have drawn the conclusion that – it’s clearly an iPhone event (and not an iPod event), It’s on Tuesday the 4th at 10am in Cupertino, CA and it’s about voice recognition on the iPhone.  That seems to fir with all the other rumors pretty nicely.


iPhone stuff

  • There’s going to be a cheaper 8G iPhone 4 (model N90A)
  • There’s going to be an iPhone 4S (model N94) will have CDMA GSMA HSPA+ (in other words 4G capabilities)
  • Really good speech recognition. Probably not on the iPhone 3Gs or earlier.


Non iPhone stuff

  • The iPod classic will no longer be available.
  • A new iPod touch possibly


Other random guesstimate….

  • There really might be an Apple HDTV – but it’s really dodgy ground.  I’d love to think this was true, but who knows. We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow….


The far more interesting part of the announcement will be the arrival of iOS 5.


iOS 5 has loads of great new features – and as I’ve said elsewhere, since Amazon have announce the Kindle Fire – hardware isn’t where the fight is anymore.  It’s moved on to content. Once more, content is king again. 


If you count an OS as content, then Apple are going to do something awesome in this space. You can read about the advertised changes here:

But one last minute feature that I hadn’t heard about until this week is iOS5’s new locking features – including shapes. Drag your finger in a shape to unlock the screen.  Android does this already – so it’s a welcome addition.


So – 10am PST is 6pm UK time. The only absolute certainly is the tech press will still be talking about it and wondering what Apple will do next.

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First of all, streaming TV & Movies from OSX Lion to Apple TV (or apparently a Mac Mini, and probably anything else)….

I have an iMac which hosts my iTunes library on my home WiFi LAN. This has an external HDD that contains all the media files and usually streams quite happily across the LAN to my first generation Apple TV in the living room.  This setup has worked flawlessly for the past 3 or 4 years and all well and good.  

Since I’ve upgraded to OS X Lion, this hasn’t been quite so smooth.  In fact, any video streamed to the Apple TV seems to stutter and requires re-buffering every minute or so, making watching it almost impossible. In short – it’s become a useless brick.

Now, after some digging, reading of log files and testing of suggestions it appears I’ve found the culprit, who is none other than our good old desktop search friend “Spotlight”.  It appears that the spotlight indexing process is constantly mounting and unmounting the external HDD.  This in turn means that the content is unavailable to iTunes and thus un-streamable to the Apple TV.  Apple TV attempts to re-read the data which forces a mount of the HDD and all is well again until spotlight unmounts it again – about 30 seconds later.

The solution (for now) seems to be to switch of indexing of the external HDD. This can be done via System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy and specifically excluding the drive (or drives).  Once that’s done, a quick reboot and everything is working as it should do.  I’m sure this is a short term fix until the wizards at Apple fix the problem with spotlight – but at least my ATV isn’t just a brick anymore.

I’m also considering an upgrade to a second generation Apple TV during my forthcoming US trip – but time will tell.

Now, on to my second point today….  A name…  Finally I’ve been suspended from Google+ for using my very well know nickname instead of my real name.  Seriously quite annoying.  This means the only way for me to continue using G+ is to come clean.  Very disappointing, but such is the way of things…..   What I can’t understand is why this is so important to Google?   As I’ve said before, outside of work, everyone but everyone knows me as Golfy (or Golfyball if you’re not into the whole brevity thing). 


I’m sure that one day, when G+ is truly opened to the masses I’ll be able to go back to my more well known name – but for now – I am who I am who am I ?

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Those of you with a keen ear, will recognise the line from the Wizard of Oz, and one thing is for certain, this most definetly isn’t Kansas anymore, by which I mean, things have changed…..


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Winnie-the-Pooh and I have been on a great adventure.  High up the hill above the village, we’ve seen woodland creatures of all shapes and sizes and we’ve run-off from the hedgerow in search of that mystic and majestic beast – the neliphunt. For our (sort of) first expedition, you’d expect this to be a ramshackle mess of a journey with nothing going right and everything going wrong. In truth, this hasn’t quite been the case.  There have been moments of danger, but generally speaking all has gone very well.  So it comes as a great surprise to all and sundry about, that we have actually caught us an neliphunt which is as I speak locked up in Pooh’s cellar while we decide what to do with it. I may have said too much already – although anyone with half a brain and a google search box might be able to figure it out. 


We both need a bit of a rest ofter all the excitement, (Pooh probably more than I as he’s had to patiently ignore my obvious observations and listen to my less obvious one’s with apparant interest) so he will be off to the New World for a break, while I have the “Change is as good as a rest” option, to cover for him while he’s gone. Luckily for me, the cover means I too, will get to see the New World by way of a handover.  I think this means I’ll have to be sharing the tusks with our cousins, but so far that’s not being made very clear.  It’s been 4 years since I’ve been across the pond.  I’m both daunted (Not sure how I’ll get on with tusks in customs) and very much looking forward to it. While I’m not in love with it, I do realy quite like America…. a lot….  But that’s in the future….

Our friends of the fruit – Mr Jobs & co, have unleashed Lion upon us.  Now, me being a tigger (and tigger’s are wonderful things) I’m not in the least bit daunted.


Many apple folks of old have warned that being an early adopter can cause pain – and having been an early adopter of technology for many years, I am all to aware of that fact.  I only have to think of the agony of a failed recording of Coronation Street thanks to Microsoft’s Media Center glitches to bring it all flooding back.  Personally, I wasn’t the least bit worried about a missed episode – but hell hath no fury… as the saying goes.

Still, unpreturbed – or perhaps that should be unhindered by hindsight – I was amongst the first to hand over my 20quid to download the latest offering for the App Store.  A very interesting move by Apple to have walked away from traditional methods of software distribution.  This is a first for such a major OS, and not something I could imagine MS doing (given their control freakery).  Besides, MS probably want to justify the extortionate prices they charge – but what do I know?

So how did it go?  Is my mac now a quivering jumled up mess of bits all over the floor, failing to boot up and awaiting new drivers for some piece of hardware I’ve owned for 5 years without any problems ???  (See MS Upgrades elsewhere for more on that).  Of course not. It’s awesome. And it’s encouraged me to spend a further sixty quid with them on a magic touchpad.  Now that my firends, is some darn clever marketing. 

My interation with the OS is now all swipes and hand gestures (no, not that one) – and it really does feel surprsingly natural. Pinching and zooming (just like the iPad, iPhon and iPod) is great, and a two fingured swipe to the right while web browsing is the most natural back button in the world. I’m suitably impressed.  On top of that, the full screen apps make great use of my desktop real estate and the whole system feels snappy and smart.  

So – no pain at all???  Well, one thing – and it’s a tiny one.  Internally on my home network, I run a web server to share various things – and after upgrade – I wasn’t able to get this working again.  At this precise moment I still haven’t figured it out – but that’s due entirely to having to work for a living and not being able to procrastinate all day long.  I’m sure I’ll have it sorted on Sunday.  I am tempted to take the “clean install” approach, just because upgrades are known for doing the unexpected. I’ll give it some thought.

Google+ is also with us, and I’ve prattled about it here already. The iOS app arrived this week, which you can pick up here: .  If you haven’t got on it yet – it’s up to 20million users now (in about 3 weeks – it took Facebook three years to do that) and I’d highly recommend that you become one of them: Feel free to add to one of your circles.

Mrs G and I have had our Wedding anniversary as well – all good… Choclate and Iron.  I didn’t buy her an Iron as violence often hurts, and I would have been subjected to some if I had.  Today however, will see us off to a food festival.  and I’m starving just at the thought of it.

Toodle-pip old bean!

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Feels like a long wait when you’ve got a lot to do…..

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In a Google+ post, real actual Google employee Dave Besbris, engineering director of the social network, explains the throttling approach:

First, we want to make sure our infrastructure scales so the service remains fast and reliable. Second, we want to ensure that bugs are fixed while there are still a relatively few people in the field trial.

Things are going well with the systems right now so we feel comfortable enough to open up invites for a brief period. Our goal is to double the user base in the field trial. (Sorry, we’re not giving details about how many folks are in the field trial yet).

So, in a few minutes, we’ll open up invites again. 

We continue to throttle invites, so please don’t mass invite folks as it won’t work. If you invite a handful of your most important friends and family you’re much more likely to get these folks into our system.

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If ever there was a way to put the kiss of death on a new Social Network site, then surely it must be for me to blog about it. So I apologise in advance to Google. I didn’t want to kill your shiny new social network, but you made me do it.

What am I blathering about? Well if you haven’t heard yet, Google are in the process of launching Google+ ( By my reckoning this will be their third crack at the social network Market, or fourth if you include the ‘never-saw-the-light-of-day’, GoogleMe. They tried with Buzz and they tried with Wave both of which were…OK…. But neither of which killed Facebook.


When they launched GoogleMail back in 2004, those of us that were lucky enough to get an invite (and that meant a address – as opposed to a address) were able to invite our friends to join. These invites became so sought after that people started selling them on eBay, such was the demand for a new email service. It appears that a similar situation might be arising with Google+. Sure enough, invites to what will surely become known as G+, are available on eBay for around 75USD. This is the very strange world that we live in.

The problem with trying to kick Facebook where it hurts is gaining momentum in the first place. Giving access to a select few is fine for Beta testing, but when you add in invites, you open yourself to a whole other level of trouble. Your invited early adopter will sign up and login and find no-one else in there to socialise with. A few of them might even write reviews sharing how underwhelmed they are by it all, and before you know it, G+ will have gone the way of Wave. Sort of defeats the whole idea of a Social Network.

From my perspective I hope they open it up to the rest of us as quickly as possible. I want to see it do well. As I’ve said many times before, I’m sick of the lack of control within Facebook, both for the end user and from it’s apparent developers. The sooner a viable alternative is available the better.

Back in the real world…. Today will see cycling (still no car) and possibly the purchase of a magic touch pad for my mac in preparation for OSX Lion which will land in the next couple of weeks. Lion with include a whole load of hand gestures to it’s revamped, iOS like interface, and so a touchpad will be the perfect compliment. Having worked all the hour god sends lately, I think I can justify a new bit of kit.

Daughter has recovered from her tonsillitis, and that means she’s speaking again, or more realistically she’s demanding again. I wouldn’t want her any other way.

One final rant, and this one is for the Post Office. What a bunch of thieving @&£)(:/:£)@&;/’s

Mrs G bought a lamp (25 quid and a fiver postage and packing). Sadly when it arrived, it was just that little bit too small, and didn’t look right. Fair enough. A return. Re-boxed in it’s original packaging and off to the post office.

“The cheapest recorded delivery please” says I, to the nice lady behind the counter.
“That’ll be £9.72, please” says she, with a perfectly straight face.
“Surely you jest” says I, “9 and three quarters of our best English pounds just to send a lamp that I received for half that cost? There must be sum (sic) mistake?”
“I’m sorry sir, but first class recorded delivery for 2.15kilograms is £9.72”
The penny dropped and I replied, “ah ha. I see your mistake. You’ve selected first class, when for the purposes of a return parcel, second class will more than suffice. A simple change I’m sure, my good lady”
But to my horror she went on to declare “because your parcel weighs more than 1kilogram, it cannot be sent by second class”

Now, I’m a fairly simple man, but pray do tell me, what the FECK! has the weight of the parcel got to do with what class it can be sent as? I don’t care if you stick on the back of a donkey, or in a wheel barrow or strap it to the shells of a heard of snails, as long as it gets there. There’s no rush, and it doesn’t need to be presented on a red velvet cushion with gold braiding. I was of a mind to break the dam thing in two as you can imagine. I’d almost be better off keeping it and selling it at a car boot sale for a tenner. In the end we’ve given the post office 15 quid and have nothing to show for it. Mugged.


With that, I’m off to open an account with DHL in my local staples. It’s got to be cheaper, but what pains me is it’s stories like this that will be the death of the once great Royal Mail. Greedy fudge-wits.

Have a great weekend.

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Ooooooo….  that’s interesting…  loads of stuff happening with double O’s in their names.  I doubt it’s a sign of anything though.  A quick run through then:


Facebook announcements. Last night saw (the now slightly more famous because there’s a film about him) Mark Zuckerberg, referred to as Zuck in the IT press, announce some new bits and pieces over at Facebook. And finally it looks like they might actually be trying to get something right. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting I suddenly feel the need to trust them with anything, but they are making the right noises, al be it slowly.  There’s a full summary of what Zuck terms “Giving You More Control” over here on the Facebook Blog, but the two key elements that stood out for me are 1) The ability to download your data and take it somewhere else and 2) A new way of handling groups.

Downloading your data may not seem like a big deal, but it’s got to be useful if you decide you want out, but want to keep a copy of your facebook life. AS usual with any new large-ish change at Facebook though, it’s not available in the UK yet. When it is, you’ll just nip into your “Account Settings” and near the bottom of the page there’s a “Download” option which will generate a file on their servers and send you an email when it’s ready for you to collect.. Quite a neat way of dealing with it I think. Now all we need is a really secure, new, facebook-like site, that works the way it should, to be able to import this downloaded file 🙂

Facebook groups are long overdue a fix.  They’ve had a sort of groups system for sometime, but it’s been a headache to manage and doesn’t really work in a way that reflects the real world. Now they have this:  I’m still not 100% certain it solves all the problems, but I’ll give it a go first before I write them off. 10 out of 10 for effort at least.


HootSuite. This is an interesting toolset that I’ve yet to make proper use of but I like the look of. They’ve announced some very confusing changes to their pricing structure. Anyone with a team on Twitter should probably be using it though. Can anyone figure out which bits are free and which bits you pay for??


Flook. Here’s an idea. Take a picture of a useful, interesting or secret place and post it with geographical refrences online so that other people can find out about it.  Sort of like a do-it-yourself yellow pages but looking like post-cards. it’s a nice interface and has clearly been thought about, much like Gowalla is growing on me over Foursquare (but that’s another story). I’m not sure it’s going to meet it’s goals, which have been described as “Geo-Google”, but it’s fun trying and actually has some really neat little elements to it. While it began life as purely an iPhone app, it is now available via a web browser, so theoretically across any Internet enabled mobile device. Even plays nicely with Twitter & Facebook. Give it a go.


Google TV @ Logitech. We’re no seeing signs of Google TV actually arriving soon, although still no news about a UK launch. Logitech have announced the pricing for their set top box (STB) to be $299.99. It’s called the Logitech Revue. Read all about it over here:

Two other O apps for the Mac that I want to mention, but not doubles this time…

See and download the full gallery on posterous

AppOmater, which can be found here: helps you develop iPhone applications without any programming knowledge. In my book, this is the lazy way, but then again, there are thousands of p[eople out there with ideas for applications that may never get realised without something like this.  

It’s not a freebie mind you. It is free to sign up and download and start using their application, but if you have something you  want to get published, you have to pay $50 to register with their service and then an ongoing fee for hosting the application you’ve developed. They also get a cut of any profits you make from the App Store, but it’s still entirely possible for you to make a small fortune with next to no development skills.

I’ve not heard of anyone else offering this kind of service yet, so it might be just what you’re looking for. Give them a go.

The other one is CronniX. This is just a tiny little freebie app to help you manage the cron. If you don’t know what that is, then you probably don’t need it. To be perfectly honest, if if you do know what that is, you don’t necessarily need it. After all, the cron is just a text file full for your Mac (or Unix box).

Imagine it’s your systems TODO list. It just helps it manage whats in it’s diary. When things need to get done, that weren’t already being done somewhere else. It’s a time-based job-scheduler. Anyway, if you want a GUI front end to your Mac cron, it’s here:

Enough geekery, back to work….  These pencils won’t push themselves you know. oooooO


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In the fight for Social Geolocation supremacy, how many more applications can we take ?  It’s getting out of hand and pretty soon we’ll have more GPS tracking apps than we’ll know what to do with.  This year they’ve rocketed. But where’s it all heading and where will it end ?

Let’s see if I can summarise where we’re at.  These are the big players (alphabetically) in the market so far.

iPhone App Android App Blackberry App Virtual Rewards Real World Rewards
Foursquare Yes Yes Yes Yes Some
Facebook Yes Yes Not Yet No No
Geomium Yes Not Yet Not Yet No Some
Google Latitude Web Web Web No No
Gowalla Yes Yes Not Yet Yes No
Twitter Yes Yes Yes No No

As you can see they all have differing levels of functionality even if they are trying to do basically the same sort of thing.  Foursquare and Twitter tend to stand out because they’re readily available across all of the main mobile platforms.  Google Latitude isn’t far behind with a clean web interface, but there’s no checkin-in with Latitude. It’s on or off.

So are any of these actually any use to the users aside from being a bit of fun?

Well, there are some “Real World Rewards” available from Foursquare and Geomium highlights local deals to your current position, but ultimately they are a bit “gamey”. There’s not really any killer functionality that makes them a must have app.  I’m not suggesting they’re a complete waste of time, they just haven’t found their place yet. I still think they will.

One of the largest inhibitors is not knowing who you’re sharing your location information with and this feeds a basic level of paranoia among many people. In some cases rightly so.  You only have to have followed the news concerning to understand how this stuff can get out of hand. If you missed it, you can go back in time here.

Obvioulsy the answer is like anything else. Be aware of what you’re doing.  You don’t go to some strange city in the middle of the night and hand out pieces of paper with your bank details on do you ?  So why would you go online and tell complete strangers where you are at this precise moment ?  Share with your friends by all means. But if you’re an idiot, you’ll still get yourself into trouble at some point. You only have to have read a handfull of pages to know that.

I could foresee a time when these guys all end up merge into one big social network (probably called SocNet, or worse still – “Blue Banana” – or something equally inane) where we have bits of Facebook, geo-locationary statuses and micro-blogging all in one clean application that works on every platform. You’ll even be able to neatly segregate colleagues, celebs, family, friends, romans, countrymen… lend me your e- … sorry. Got carried away there. But you get the point. Each of these groups will be able to be kept separate in the Blue Banana world, to save you from yourself.

Will it ever happen?  Not this month.  Ask again in November. That’s how quickly it changes.


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This week has seen quite a chunk of technology news updates (which I’ll skim over in a mo) but the one that stands out for me is Tuesday’s Google TV announcement at the IFA. First the other bits….

Other Google news on Wednesday, when they decided they’d finally release “Google Instant”. If you have a Google account and are logged into it, visit and try a search. What you’ll get is instant results as you type. So the example they’ve been banding about is, press “W” and the weather forecast for your area will appear. It seems like it might be quite cool, except that Google don’t always know what I’m looking for, even if they like to think that they do. One interesting thought, is that it does take predictive text to a whole new level and they are planning on a version of it for mobile devices later in the year. No longer will you be texting your mum with the words “Happy Chpuv day” once a year.

Talking about mobile devices. Apple’s hotly anticipated iOS 4.1 showed up at around 6pm GMT yesterday as well. Installation was the standard iPhone upgrade procedure. From start to finish was about 40 minutes for me. Has it fixed my proximity sensor issues? That’s when you hold the phone to your ear, the display is supposed to go off so that you don’t inadvertently start a conference call with your Gran who’s on holiday in bermuda while you’re talking to your boss (What?? It could happen… You don’t know!) Anyway – so far, I haven’t been able to replicate the problem, so it could well be fixed. Time will tell. You also get Game Center (Social networking for games) and HDR (Hight Dynamic Range) photography.

Those were both interesting, but the main event: Google TV. Google CEO, Dr. Eric Schmidt, delivered his keynote speech at the 50th edition of “IFA” in Berlin. For those of you wondering what that is, it’s the largest consumer electronics show in the world. That’s where you’ll find the old school boys (Sony, Toshiba et al) trying to flog you the idea that a 3D TV in your house is just what you need. Personally, I disagree, but I’ll come to that another time (along with Dr Kermode’s views on the subject).

Mr Schmidt chose this moment to reveal that Google TV will finally be launched in the United States this Autumn and the rest of us poor consumers will have to wait until next year sometime. He also said that they’d be working with content providers, but it is very unlikely that they will get into actual content production. Full Internet browsing will be available as part of the service, which will be free of charge and will appear embedded into devices such as TV’s and set-top boxes.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait, then the Apple TV is available this year (pre-orders are being taken now) for $99 or as I correctly surmised £99 in rip-off britain. They aren’t the same thing at all, even though most tech journals seem to be writing them up that way.

Here’s the video descriptions of both of them. First up Google TV:

Then Apple TV:

Neither of them provide your “Live” TV, that comes from you Antenna, Cable or Sat’ dish, but they both provide slightly different levels of Internet connectivity to your TV screen.

This really doesn’t matter that much to me though. We digitise everything in our house now. CD’s, DVD’s and Memory Sticks have become our Shiny Shopping bags that carry our Music, Movies and Photographs from the high street (or camera in the case of photos) to our home server.

Once they’re loaded onto there, they can be Syncronised or Streamed to iPods, iPhones or Apple TV to be consumed at our leisure.This is particularly useful for the kids. For example that Son can be listening to streamed music on his iPod Touch in his bedroom, while Daughter can be watching a streamed Movie or TV Show via her iPhone in her room and Mrs G & I could be perusing photo’s in the living room all simultaneously, or of course, any other combination of these tasks.

Better yet, thanks to the WiFi, you can move around the house and still achieve the same reults, although to be honest movies are best viewed on a TV sized screen – iPod’s & iPhones are a bit small for it. But even that’s simple enough with an iPod/iPhone TV cable that enables the video out to be shown on most modern TV’s.

Having this level of control over the media we purchase makes it infinitely more useable and as a result we probably consume more of it and if we want to search the Internet, Browse a website or even Twitter while we’re watching TV, we can do that with an iPhone, or a Laptop, or an iPad (If we had one) :-). I’m really not seeing the need for Google TV.

But then that’s because it doesn’t fit with my personal circumstances at the moment. Maybe when the kids get their own places and I no longer need to be able to stream everthing. Perhaps I’ll find myself sat with pipe in my slippers waiting for the next cricket match and searching for the best place to buy “Old Holburn” online, so Google TV will be my saviour.  For now though, I’m happy as a reformed smoker.

Google TV or Apple TV? But which is better? There’s only one way to find out……. Fiiight!!!!



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