Life can be a bit rough on you sometimes, but I just try and keep on keeping on as my Nan says.

She’s a tough old boot, but at 93 she’s starting to show signs of a life well lived. Sadly she’s taken a bit of a fall and now finds herself sat in hospital gently nursing a duodenal ulcer while we’re all hoping it doesn’t bleed her to her final resting place.
I am a realist. I know that at some point, she will leave us, and I don’t want her to suffer unnecessarily, but equally, I don’t want her to go. She’s the last of a generation in our family and an inspiration in her longevity. She still has a wicked sense of humour, even if she’s not 100% certain how old she is, or what’s happening in the world – she hasn’t got any serious level of Alzheimer’s – but the Internet and all that that implies could just as well be something on another planet for all she cares. She still managed to make an appearance on FaceTime over Christmas though….

Aud Does FaceTime

Her carefree (oh well, not to worry) attitude is what has kept her going, got her through the wars and her time as an engineers wife, and a hard-working mum, grandmother and step-great grandmother (not that steps bother her – just another thing to climb over). She’s been on her own for the best part of 20 years – since my grandfather passed, and still she soldiers on .
We had dinner with her in a local pub for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, and she was on fine form. She ate and drank more than I did. Was warm hearted, enjoyed the attention and her presents and as she put it “I’m still here, keeping on keeping on”
For now, I have everything crossed for her, and while I’m not a particular religious person, there’s a prayer in my heart for her future.
This situation, along with the job, is filling my waking moments this week and has generally left me too drained to write much (ado) about anything, but taking a little inspiration from “Aud” I’ll “keep on” as well… So lets see…
We delivered the wild beast to the client after patching it up and it seems to have been well accepted. Now we have to start out waterfowl alignment programme in order to jump the last hurdle and try and get someone (anyone) to sign a piece of paper. To be honest with you, this particular job has been running for so long (well over a year now) that to me, the signature seems like an inevitability – whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing for us in general, remains to be seen. Either way – it’s a long slog and still has the odd mantrap waiting to scag your legs on at a moments notice.
I find myself back on the train up to the city – which is what’s affording me the time in my schedule to put finger to screen, and write. It’s no different from usual, beyond the fact that its daylight outside, so summer is clearly on its way, and thank god for that. 

The tube however (at least on the Circle Line) is a little different given that it’s filled with new trains.  Bigger brighter, better trains with the facility to walk all the way down them as if they were one very long carriage.  A bit like an underground bendy bus.

All very “airy” for want of a better word.  Luckily, before I become too comfortable, I was able to revert to the normal “compact & smelly” trains of the Jubilee Line and all that that implies….

And so to business…. Whatever your doing, keep on keeping on….

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