The last month or so has seen a very lapse attendance to the blog on my part… So in the very best tradition of New Year resolutions, I’m resolving to fix that throughout the coming year.
We’ve got a lot to look forward to – not least the Olympic Games – and who can’t wait to see us triumph over our assumed level of incompetence? While as Brits we might assume we’re going to balls it up, we should remember that we’re actually very good at this sort of thing, just a little bit out of practice. As long as we all pull together, we can accomplish anything.
With the thought of reaching the unattainable firmly planted in your mind – have a great New Year and see if you can keep your resolutions for just 30 days instead of a full year…
And then, If you manage that much, you might want to have a go at another 30 days afterwards…

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