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Last night saw Daughter and I take a ride out to Tesco’s. (other supermarkets are available)
That in itself is nothing to really make a noise about, but we didn’t take the most direct route. She didn’t go to the Gym yesterday and so needed the exercise. I, on the other hand, never go to the gym and always need the exercise. I’m out of practice and it really showed. I thought I was going to die on two separate occasions. I didn’t and I know it was actually very good for me, but it hurts at the time. So what would normally have been a gentle 2 miles of flat cycling was actually more like 10 miles up hill and down dale. It also served to remind me how badly I need to get a proper bike and not one made of bambooicite.

After 20 minutes of recovery time, I cooked up a spledid quorn based chilli, caught up with corrie (its the law) and finally got to finish watching “Battle: LA” which is a guilty pleasure of a movie. It’s not clever, but it is big and dumb and enjoyable. If you want to know what its about, you just need to see the cover art on the DVD and that pretty much tells it all.

Great in a really bad way – 7/10.


This morning, I’m not sure if I can feel my legs. So rather than rest and recover, naturally I need to trapse around town in search of odds and sods for the American trip. Mrs G, daughter and I have decided on a ride on the bus (public transport is always entertaining) into Chelter’s. I’m after updating the ‘business casual’ look and Mrs G is hopefully going to get an iPhone upgrade to a White 4. But we’ll see. I’m not a huge fan of retail opportunities but for once I’m actually looking forward to it.

There’s a take-out coffee with my name on it.

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Base photo credit should read “JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images”
Not sure where the Cat came from – but thank you whoever you are…..

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We appear to have arrived at what can only be described as …  Thursday.

Not quite true I suppose.  It could be described as many many different things. The New Friday, for example, or perhaps “Just past the middle of the week”.  This particular Thursday could also be considered “Flaming Hot!” for that is what it is. Being a Brit of course the weather is at the forefront of my mind and is the beginnings of most conversation.  While this might sound like a myth, or perhaps a nostalgic view of the english, surprisingly it is also true and a fact to boot. 

In short it is a Thursday in the summer which would normaly mean cold and wet, but is in fact unusually and correctly both hot and dry.  Nice.


Yesterday included a trip to a Starfleet office to spend some time with the Badman and prepare for our various handovers.  The first of these will be taking place next Tuesday somewhere in the Southern part of England.  The other’s will be happening the following week somewhere in the Eastern part of America. So that’s that stuff….

In preparation for the US piece I had to renew my US Travel Authorisation which nowadays is all done online (ETSA: ). Gone are the days of filling in a green card on the plane just before you land, and gone are the days of it being free. You pay 14 dollars (some of that money goes to promote US travel) to be permitted to enter the US and it’s valid for two years. Interestingly, none of that happens the other way around.  In the UK we derive no revenue from visitors at the border in this way. I note the Welsh do though ( ) … 🙂

What’s more interesting though is the fact that the ETSA is only valid for two years and without a reminder you could easily show up at a US airport, only to have to fly home again.  Be warned.  

But hang about – it seems that everything relating to travel now has much short expiration dates attached to it, so if you’re planning on leaving the front door of your house anytime soon – check these three just in case:

  • Passport: Only valid for 10 years now. A “One day” renewal is about £130 quid.
  • EHIC Card: Only valid for 5 years. The “European Health Insurance Card” covers EU citizens anywhere in the EU for state-managed hospital treatment. ( )
  • Driving Licence: Only valid for 10 years. Since it changed to a photo card, you have to renew them every 10 years, or you can pay a £1000 fine.  Your choice. It’ll cost you 20 quid to update it.

It’s all abit of a con. A nice way for government departments to make just a bit more money out of us – as if they didn’t get enough already, but this is the world we live in. Feel free to write to your MP and see where that gets you. Let me know how it works out.


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Of course with a title such as the one above, the regular reader might think I was about to refer to the neliphunt that Pooh and I have caught.  Read on…

Oh, Em and might I even venture, Gee – to use the vernacular.  I was doing fine wandering between the various stalls, laden with delights from all across the country. The odd dipp of an oil, or the snippet of some cheese. A square of chocolate, a snifter of vodka and so on and so forth. And then we espied the Cider and the Sausages…..

Actually, in truth we skipped the cider. We were after all “on our bikes” and thus in charge of a vehicle on her majesty’s highway – and besides, we’d already been at the vodka…. and the brandy…  But the sausages in a bap – I should have walked away.  I should have mustered up the strength to say “No thankyou” but it wasn’t to be.  


“Two of those tasty looking things please!” I was heard to say.  A nice perch on the fake lawn and 30 minutes later I was quite literally “Stuffed”.  All that remained to be done was clamber aboard our trusty steeds and cycle home – thus “Mounted”.

See what I did there?

…and on the way we had to pass Gloucester’s latest piece of Street Sculpture, which appears to be some sort of tower, not too dissimilar to the rusty needle that they’ve already built, but this time without rust…  and a bit fatter…  I wonder what it “means” ?


Happy Days.

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Those of you with a keen ear, will recognise the line from the Wizard of Oz, and one thing is for certain, this most definetly isn’t Kansas anymore, by which I mean, things have changed…..


If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know that Winnie-the-Pooh and I have been on a great adventure.  High up the hill above the village, we’ve seen woodland creatures of all shapes and sizes and we’ve run-off from the hedgerow in search of that mystic and majestic beast – the neliphunt. For our (sort of) first expedition, you’d expect this to be a ramshackle mess of a journey with nothing going right and everything going wrong. In truth, this hasn’t quite been the case.  There have been moments of danger, but generally speaking all has gone very well.  So it comes as a great surprise to all and sundry about, that we have actually caught us an neliphunt which is as I speak locked up in Pooh’s cellar while we decide what to do with it. I may have said too much already – although anyone with half a brain and a google search box might be able to figure it out. 


We both need a bit of a rest ofter all the excitement, (Pooh probably more than I as he’s had to patiently ignore my obvious observations and listen to my less obvious one’s with apparant interest) so he will be off to the New World for a break, while I have the “Change is as good as a rest” option, to cover for him while he’s gone. Luckily for me, the cover means I too, will get to see the New World by way of a handover.  I think this means I’ll have to be sharing the tusks with our cousins, but so far that’s not being made very clear.  It’s been 4 years since I’ve been across the pond.  I’m both daunted (Not sure how I’ll get on with tusks in customs) and very much looking forward to it. While I’m not in love with it, I do realy quite like America…. a lot….  But that’s in the future….

Our friends of the fruit – Mr Jobs & co, have unleashed Lion upon us.  Now, me being a tigger (and tigger’s are wonderful things) I’m not in the least bit daunted.


Many apple folks of old have warned that being an early adopter can cause pain – and having been an early adopter of technology for many years, I am all to aware of that fact.  I only have to think of the agony of a failed recording of Coronation Street thanks to Microsoft’s Media Center glitches to bring it all flooding back.  Personally, I wasn’t the least bit worried about a missed episode – but hell hath no fury… as the saying goes.

Still, unpreturbed – or perhaps that should be unhindered by hindsight – I was amongst the first to hand over my 20quid to download the latest offering for the App Store.  A very interesting move by Apple to have walked away from traditional methods of software distribution.  This is a first for such a major OS, and not something I could imagine MS doing (given their control freakery).  Besides, MS probably want to justify the extortionate prices they charge – but what do I know?

So how did it go?  Is my mac now a quivering jumled up mess of bits all over the floor, failing to boot up and awaiting new drivers for some piece of hardware I’ve owned for 5 years without any problems ???  (See MS Upgrades elsewhere for more on that).  Of course not. It’s awesome. And it’s encouraged me to spend a further sixty quid with them on a magic touchpad.  Now that my firends, is some darn clever marketing. 

My interation with the OS is now all swipes and hand gestures (no, not that one) – and it really does feel surprsingly natural. Pinching and zooming (just like the iPad, iPhon and iPod) is great, and a two fingured swipe to the right while web browsing is the most natural back button in the world. I’m suitably impressed.  On top of that, the full screen apps make great use of my desktop real estate and the whole system feels snappy and smart.  

So – no pain at all???  Well, one thing – and it’s a tiny one.  Internally on my home network, I run a web server to share various things – and after upgrade – I wasn’t able to get this working again.  At this precise moment I still haven’t figured it out – but that’s due entirely to having to work for a living and not being able to procrastinate all day long.  I’m sure I’ll have it sorted on Sunday.  I am tempted to take the “clean install” approach, just because upgrades are known for doing the unexpected. I’ll give it some thought.

Google+ is also with us, and I’ve prattled about it here already. The iOS app arrived this week, which you can pick up here: .  If you haven’t got on it yet – it’s up to 20million users now (in about 3 weeks – it took Facebook three years to do that) and I’d highly recommend that you become one of them: Feel free to add to one of your circles.

Mrs G and I have had our Wedding anniversary as well – all good… Choclate and Iron.  I didn’t buy her an Iron as violence often hurts, and I would have been subjected to some if I had.  Today however, will see us off to a food festival.  and I’m starving just at the thought of it.

Toodle-pip old bean!

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Ironic that tabloid newspaper journalists are known as “Hacks” (someone who is paid to write low quality, quickly put-together articles) given what’s been happening of late.


With today’s news of the resignation of Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson ( )’ it’s all starting to get rather murky and messy.  In fact given the stories of the amount of time our current prime minister has been spending in these people’s company, it seems almost inevitable that he’s going to have to go next…

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I might hypothesise that the appointment of Andy Coulson, followed by his resignation from the employment of number 10 some months before this all exploded again could indicate that his employer knew such revelations were coming.

Is there any other evidence to suggest that the current British government might “have it in” for the Murdoch machine?…  Well there was that short lived debacle with Vince Cable and a reporter on the Daily Telegraph back in December last year.  While Our Dave was cosying up to the Murdoch’s it seems the other half of the coalition didn’t feel quite the same way.

At first this looks like Dave has a very poor lack of judgement and Vince doesn’t. But what if this was Dave’s plan all along and the LibDems were his “patsy’s” just in-case a paper like the telegraph might have asked the right question? 

It’s possible that he could have been using the media for his own ends (really?.. A prime minister? Never!) and having achieved power – albeit via a very inconclusive route – and then had to put up with News International sucking up to the coalition (they really want to own BSkyB outright) decided it’s time to take it apart. I’m sure he’d hate to see another headline that read “It was the Sun what won it” unless it was a conservative win.

In short that would make him corrupt and therefore unfit for office, and a decent PM would have to go.  Of course, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and I have no evidence beyond what’s in the public domain so it’s all about as likely as JFK’s magic bullet, or man not landing on the moon. Beyond that, I’ve seen Fox News…  so I’m actually with Vince and in a true coalition that would mean I’m with Dave too.  Hmmmmm.

One further irony here is that a person that devotes him or herself to party-political machinations is known as (you guessed it) a “Political Hack”.  

I can’t wait for the movie, they’ve already done a great job on the casting….

Take care

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It’s not ad advert, I just had to share…
Thanks Sis.

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So it’s been a little while since I posted any interesting video type stuff. In fact it’s been a while since I posted any interesting stuff at all, but such is the way of things. To make up for it, here’s not one, but two pieces to tickle your eyeballs and lugholes (and if you don’t know what a lug hole is, you really should stay in and read more – or get out and talk to people that know)

First up.. Seals…snoring… I snorted and giggled…

And then for your musical delectation, a group by the name of “Brighter Lights, Thicker Glasses” (clever stuff) one of whom is an ex-music teacher turned science teacher. Naturally he’d write a song about the Cambrian Explosion…. Who wouldn’t. And even if you’re not into the science, it’s a catchy tune.

Have a great weekend.

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