The end of the week went a little something like this….

A smattering of conference calls which included a few of our team wondering nervously what should be next and how the flippty jibbet heck would we ever get the elephant in the room carved up and served on time? Good questions and ones that we’re working on answers for. Some introspective naval gazing regarding the correct method for getting things done, overcoming the shock of the enormity of the task at hand and the correct way to travel within Starfleet. A few emails one of which included a schoolboy error regard the incorrect spelling of a European colleagues name (am tempted to say “bloody foreigners!” but we’re all in the EU now)

A spaghetti bolognese of which I was particularly proud and was thoroughly enjoyed by myself and Mrs G (daughter being off at work on a late shift and then back home and into uniform to patrol the streets in her capacity as volunteer superhero.) Poor girl didn’t get home until 3am. A tough gig after a full days work. Oh for the energy of youth. A smidgen of coronation street (gonna miss Becky when she’s gone) and a chunk of “Don’t Tell” by Karen Rose, followed by the blessed release of sleep. And that was the week gone. Done and dusted. Best to let sleeping cats lie…


And here is Saturday morning and no sign of the apocalypse just yet. Must be due at any minute. In the mean time, I find myself on my bike pedalling like a madman off to Brockworth to teach some friends of mine the vagaries of Windows XP and 7 and the correct way to get iPhones and iTunes working with them. I know how to live. Perhaps I’ll share the details later. I believe this evening holds a visit from Mother-in-law and a visit to Auntie S’s but all those things are subject to change as always. Have fun.

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