Figured I’d round out the week with a few bits and pieces of stuff I’ve been sent and/or discovered over the last week that give me the odd smile.

So first up. The iPhone 4. Just be careful how you’re holding it, otherwise it won’t work. … Uh Oh.. I did get my hands on one yesterday, and it is far better than I imagined, but you will need to get a ZAGG invisible shield for it (which really are amazing), just in case. I smiled at the number of people that broke their iPhone 4 on the day they bought it. Now I know I shouldn’t laugh at other peoples misfortune, but really… as I didn’t get one – it is quite funny…. but at least there’s already this for them (I’m loving the disclaimer and the commentary – thrilling, edge of the seat stuff!):

And talking of other peoples pain…Piers Morgan has married his girlfriend – you’ve got to feel for the poor woman.

Ever heard of Randy Regier ? Nope ? Thought not… He’s an artist and he specialises in toys. But not just any toys, oh no. Randy’s toys are historical toys of the future. While they might look like the real thing, he made them all up himself, and a wonder to behold they are. I wouldn’t mind a “John Manshaft” watch, or even “Whitey Cracker” sitting on my desk.

So next up – Dalek’s. We all understand how deadly they are, but have you looked them up in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy… static electricity and hate… who knew?

A quick one for movies buffs: The Aspect Ratio Police

…and for the Family Photograph buffs:

Remember – Cool Guys don’t look at explosions

…and if you’re crying out for more, well you could always have a look here:

PS: I hear that doctors now think Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may actually be caused by a virus. Frankly, I’m too tired to care. Have a great weekend and I leave with the World Cup top 10 with one group left to play before the next rounds.

  1. Portugal
  2. Argentina
  3. Germany
  4. Netherlands
  5. Uruguay
  6. Brazil
  7. Paraguay
  8. Japan
  9. England
  10. USA