Ring won’t be ready until next weekend… dissapointing, but worth the wait.

A’s mate Will stayed over Friday night and they watched “Shaun of the Dead” which I have to say is a top movie. A Rom-Zom-Com of the highest order. 10/10 Mr Pegg. Eventually got the kids in shape to go to the Airport. Met up with the mob (Smithy couldn’t make it in the end) – But Craig, Niki, Shep, Caroline and Arch Did. No Mandie – on a shopping trip apparently.

Kids Flew – well, A, J and Will did – Charlene stayed behind because she’s a bit scared of flying – aww bless her.

Had a great time – A wants to learn to fly. If he’s wise he’ll get the R.A.F. to teach him.

The four of us (eg: The Future Mrs G, J, A and Me) went off to Pizza Hut for birthday tea – LOL – Why do all kids just love pizza ?? Weird huh ?? J went off to see Charlene and A, The Future Mrs G and Me played this terrible board game with A… really tough questions… still, we did have a giggle.

Sunday today – hmmmm… Ironing, A has a football match, Roast Lamb for din-din’s. Gotta nip to Sainsbury’s for some vegetables.

Oh yeah – and hopefully the car will be fixed on Thursday. About bloody time too.